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How two Bristol entrepreneurs are planning to take on Dyson

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 25 October 2017 10:36

How two Bristol entrepreneurs are planning to take on Dyson

Can two Bristol-based engineers take on Dyson and other vacuum heavyweights in the South West and succeed?

Pablo Montero and Lucas Horne, who previously worked together at Dyson in Malmesbury, are launching their first cordless vacuum in 2018.

The engineers founded Lupe in 2015 and say they are keen to disrupt the industry with their product.

According to the duo, the technology used in their cordless vacuum cleaner offers 100 per cent pick-up performance.

It uses simple aerodynamic principals to avoid diverting airflow energy away from the task of removing dust.

Lupe's cordless vacuum cleaner will be available in 2018

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Mr Montero said: “The UK demand for cordless vacuums continues to grow at an incredible rate. It presents a huge opportunity for a new start-up with the right product. 

“Consumers have clear frustrations which we will tackle and shake up the status quo.”

He added: “The wealth of innovation in the South West’s vacuum sector is truly inspirational.  There’s nowhere quite like it.  Our ambition is to feature on that roll-call of regional technology greats!”

My Horne says Bristol offers huge potential for a business like theirs.

“We’re keen to nurture young engineers and offer a collaborative environment to grow great ideas, the pool of talent from the Universities of Bristol and Bath makes the region an incredibly attractive proposition to develop a hard-tech business.” 

Lupe will engage in a second-round of fundraising in November this year. 

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