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Renishaw unveils an army of ambassadors to inspire next generation of engineers

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 11 July 2017 14:38

Renishaw unveils an army of ambassadors to inspire next generation of engineers

It should not surprise you a company whose attention to detail is everything should have calculated just how many staff its sector will need in the future and is acting to do something about it.

The Wotton-under-Edge-based world-wide engineering business Renishaw can boast more than 100 ambassadors tasked with inspiring young people across the region, and as it explains – there is a serious need for success.

To be precise, its army of what it calls ‘STEM ambassadors’ – those charged with driving home the value of science, technology engineering and maths in helping find career - numbers 139.

“To tackle the engineering skills gap, companies will need to fill 182,000 positions by 2022.” said Rebecca Bound, education outreach officer at Renishaw.

“Our STEM ambassadors support workshops that complement the school curriculum and get children excited about engineering through practical, creative projects.”

“We are seeing the results in an increase in apprentice applications, some of whom first heard about Renishaw when a STEM ambassador visited their school or when they came on a school visit to Renishaw.”

Apprentices, graduates and engineers at Renishaw volunteer to support and inspire young people to encourage them to pursue career opportunities in an engineering or technology related career by offering practical advice from their own experiences.

This year, Renishaw will host over 65 events and workshops for young people, assisted by the STEM ambassadors. The activities target students from ages nine to 18 (year groups five to 13). 

The main aim of these workshops is to add real life context to the students learning and bring maths and science alive, whilst also linking into parts of the school curriculum.

In the sessions, STEM ambassadors focus on developing problem solving skills, team building, product design, career pathways in engineering and learning how Renishaw itself operates and what it can offer in terms of career opportunities.

Each workshop involves a creative project that can be taken home, so that students can be proud of their engineering achievements and share them with friends, teachers and family. This means that the value of the workshop extends past the day itself.

“STEM ambassadors volunteer to support students, but also develop their own skills,” said Siobhan Denniff, events coordinator of the education outreach programme at Renishaw.

“Through these workshops ambassadors can gain experience and develop communication skills, build confidence and improve project planning and presentation skills.

“As representatives of Renishaw, STEM ambassadors are proud to know they have done their bit to inspire the engineers of the future.”

Renishaw also aims big with its work experience programmes too – inviting up to 100 pupils a time.

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