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Tewkesbury businesses among the most inventive places in the UK

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Written by: Gloucestershire Echo & Gloucester Citizen | Posted 19 September 2016 7:10

Tewkesbury businesses among the most inventive places in the UK
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Tewkesbury is one of the UK's hot spot for inventors.

The district had the tied-14th most patents in the United Kingdom in 2015.

And these figures, from the Intellectual Property Office, have revealed people and companies in Tewkesbury published 47 patents last year - almost one a week.

The company publishing the most patents in Tewkesbury was GE Aviation Systems, with the aircraft engine supplier placing 14 last year.

Tech design company Integrated Furniture Technologies came in second with seven, while SMS communication company Dynmark and engineering company Spirax-Sarco both placed three to complete the top three.

Tewkesbury borough councillor Phillip Surman, support member for economic development, (Con, Shurdington) said it was encouraging news.

"It is great to hear that the area is continuing its inventive streak," he said.

"Tewkesbury is well placed for these firms to setup with good motorway links and plenty of business parks.

"With the extra housing going on potentially in Swindon Village it will improve even more so. I think they will have to look at improving the links at J10 of the M5 if so."

The region is well known for its inventions and entrepreneurs, with Gloucester too having one of the highest numbers of patents issues in the country in previous years.

Gloucester Business Park built on the former airfield where the first British jet engine aircraft, the Gloster E28/39 took flight.

It was developed to test the new Whittle jet engine in flight, with the test results influencing the development of an operational fighter, the Gloster Meteor.

Other Gloster-built aircraft include the Cold War-era Javelin and the 1925 Gamecock biplane.

The areas submitting the most patents in the UK were Cambridge with 284, Coventry with 230 and Westminster with 217.

As a region there were 724 patents submitted in the East of England last year, accounting for more than a tenth of the 4,967 patents submitted in the United Kingdom last year.


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