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Top flight contract for hydraulic engineering experts Group HES

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 20 June 2017 8:00

Top flight contract for hydraulic engineering experts Group HES
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Group HES is flying high with a new £2m deal with Galliford Try, at the new Airbus testing facility

The Innsworth-based engineering company, Group HES, has landed a record deal with construction company Galliford Try, to supply four large ring mains at the new Airbus Wing Integration Centre (AWIC) in Filton.

The AWIC facility will be a development and testing centre for wing innovation in aircraft, as well for other large structural aircraft parts.

Airbus will also open the facility up to other companies and universities, with its innovative, highly flexible and easily adaptable environment.

Christopher Way, the new managing director of Group HES, which turns over £9.5m and employs 84 staff, eight of which are apprentices, said: “This contract underpins a period of impressive growth and investment for the Group, and this is set to continue.

“Our experience and multi divisional business has led us to win this record deal.  It will also serve as a platform for future projects and growth and significantly enhance our core competencies.”

Group HES has secured the contract to supply, build and install the hydraulic ring main system, with four rings, which will power the machinery in the new AWIC centre, that Galliford Try are building for Airbus.

The innsworth firm is also involved in this year's Trinity Mirror Future Apprentice campaign which is linking up schools with businesses and training organisations to inspire and promote the opportunities available within Gloucestershire.

The company is made up of five different divisions, which places Group HES ahead of the curve with the experience, capacity and ability to undertake this project in-house. The project involves system design, manufacture of hydraulic power packs, electrical and control panels, on-site installation and commissioning, including over 1km of pipework.

The company’s previous investment in 3D CAD is invaluable in this project, as they can easily plan, design and manage the process.

Group HES will be investing £150,000 in special purpose machinery to end-form large bore high pressure pipes, to be able to offer up to 10” pipework. This will expand their abilities for future projects that require larger bore pipework.

The Group is proud to have won this record contract and is excited to be part of improving wing safety and innovation. Work has already stated on the project with the AWIC facility set to open in 2018.

Galliford Try plc is described as a British construction company headquartered in London. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the FTSE 250 Index.

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