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Bristol and Bath Women in Business Award was pivotal moment for my company

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 15 December 2015 9:54

Bristol and Bath Women in Business Award was pivotal moment for my company
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Winning at the 2015 Bristol and Bath Women in Business Awards was a pivotal moment for Ellen Green.

The managing director of the Blue Badge Company, which makes living aids such as disabled blue badge holders that are attractive rather than just functional, won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Now she is calling on women to enter the 2016 awards, held in association with the University of the West of England, which are open for entries until January 15.

Ellen said: “It was the first award we won or had been nominated for. It was just amazing to get that recognition.

“We had been working really hard for quite a few years. Whenever we achieved something it was straight onto the next thing, without time to step back and consider it.

“Winning gave us the chance to do that and appreciate what we had done so far.

“It was amazing to have that recognition. People still come up to to me and talk about it. The Bristol and Bath Women in Business Awards have really become established.”

Women in Business Awards 2016

The awards, now in their third year, are run by the Bristol Post and Bath Chronicle.

The win had another benefit for Ellen too.

“I made some lifelong friends at the ceremony,” she said, including Frome-based goldsmith Annette Gabbedey who pipped Ellen to the Woman of the Year title.

“We became really good friends and she made my engagement ring for my me and my partner.

“The networking and being surrounded by so many great successful women was amazing.”

Ellen has had quite a year since winning, appearing on Dragons’ Den but turning down the chance of investment in the business because she wasn’t prepared to compromise her British-made manufacturing values.

Recently the company signed a deal with Argos to stock its products, and Ellen said the first batches have just been dispatched to go into the January catalogue,

“I haven’t had time to do my own Christmas shopping yet because so many people are buying their presents from us,” she said.

And she urged other women in Bristol and Bath to enter the 2016 awards.

“It’s a great opportunity to get your business and your name out there,” she said. “But also the networking is fantastic and it’s such a well-respected award already.”

Find the full list of categories here.

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