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Company that saves family holidays with its waterproof cast protectors secures new Boots deal

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Written by: Gavin Thompson | Posted 17 July 2015 18:01

Company that saves family holidays with its waterproof cast protectors secures new Boots deal
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A company that helps make sure a hard-earned family holiday isn’t ruined by a broken bone has signed a major deal with Boots.

Precision Dippings Manufacturing makes waterproof protectors for arm and leg casts, which mean a splash in the pool isn’t off limits despite a break.

Which is a relief to the 37,000 children who break a bone before a family holiday each year.

The Yate based company developed its Bloccs product after being inspired by an injury to a family member.

Doctors advise keeping plaster casts dry to keep the dressing intact. The protectors provide a waterpool seal, meaning people can shower, bathe or even swim without getting the cast wet.

The product – which won the firm Innovator of the Year in the 2014 Bristol Post Business Awards, staged in association with UWE Bristol – has just reached its second birthday.

And to make it a double celebration, the firm has secured a deal with Boots. The retailer already stocked a limited number of the protectors but is now selling the full range through its website.

Director Kate Richards: “Judging from the number of comments we’re getting from relieved holidaymakers, Bloccs would appear to have become the latest must-have travel accessory.

“It’s lovely to be contacted by so many happy customers, sending us photos of them on holiday wearing the protectors at the beach and pool. We’re even had a couple of shots of people wearing them while snorkelling this year. Fantastic!”

The company also get orders from people on holiday asking for deliveries to their hotel or campsite.

The company has seen sales rise 150 per cent since the introduction of Bloccs in 2013.

While the product is relatively new, Precision Dippings has been around for some time.

It also produces the rubber seals used by a number of global dry suit manufacturers and makes specialist components for Formula One cars.

It was also the company behind the production of the stretchy element of the Stretch Armstrong toy, a must have for youngsters in the 1970s.

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