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Bristol firm celebrates 25 years supplying global car manufacturers

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Written by: Hannah Baker | Posted 12 December 2017 10:53

Bristol firm celebrates 25 years supplying global car manufacturers

Bristol-based automotive parts manufacturer Sanoh UK Manufacturing is celebrating 25 years of trading from its premises in Avonmouth.

The Japanese-owned firm, which makes brake and fuel lines for major car manufacturers, opened its factory off Fourth Way in December 1992 to supply the Honda Motor Co in Swindon and has since expanded into two more premises on the site as well as off-site plants in Swindon and Sunderland.

With major customers including Jaguar Land Rover Automotive, Nissan Motor Manufacturing and Honda, Sanoh UK Manufacturing has become one of the largest employers in the area with over 330 staff working full time at its plants.

Having survived two recessions during those 25 years, Sanoh UK is now looking forward to the major changes in automotive technology that are on the horizon.

These include the drive towards electric and hybrid vehicles as well as autonomous vehicles and global sourcing.

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Sanoh UK managing director Paul Davis said “Sanoh UK is one of the leading subsidiaries in the wider Sanoh family.

“We have achieved this by smart planning, good people and the support of our customers, staff and suppliers. As a successful British company, we are well-placed to continue to grow and flourish over the next 25 years.

None of us know for certain what the future will bring, but we will ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities.”

Mr Davis thanked employees past and present for their hard work and commitment in building the business.

Long- serving staff member Steve Bird, who has been with company since its foundation, said: “I have been at Sanoh all my professional life.

“It has been a pleasure to watch the company develop and grow and to be able to say I have been a part of what we have created.”


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