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Marketing agency chosen to drive Made in Britain campaign to unite South West business

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 05 July 2017 8:19

Marketing agency chosen to drive Made in Britain campaign to unite South West business

As our economy begins the transition to a post-Brexit world it would seem more than ever before the national industry needs a champion – and it has found one in the shape of Isaac Partnership.

Universally recognised marque Made in Britain – which exists to help manufacturers sell more British-made goods - is forging a new regional partnership with marketing experts Isaac Partnership.

With more than 1,000 members now using the Made in Britain marque to identify their products and packaging, the not-for-profit organisation is working with managing director, Chris Isaac and his team to tap into their extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector across the South West.

For Mr Isaac it is not just a privilege – backing British is also personal.

“I was thrilled with the approach from Made in Britain. We have a proven track record of providing strategic marketing and design and are really eager to support manufacturing companies in the South West to focus on what will work for them, as we have done, and continue to do, with the our existing clients for over 20 years,” said the managing director of the Stonehouse-based creative business.

“I’ve always been passionate about manufacturing and science.

“My father worked at British Steel for most of his working life, so I’ve seen first-hand what happens when manufacturing fails, with the collapse of the largest employer in my home town.

“So I feel I have a duty and drive to support UK manufacturing companies, especially with Brexit on the horizon. We need to make sure we all buy more British products, at home and abroad.”

He added: “We are at a tipping point. We still have a manufacturing base but we need now more than ever to send out the message what we can do.”

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said: “Our members keep telling me that the planets are aligned for us right now.

“Having a regional partner like Isaac Partnership is essential to our growth as we set our sights on twice the number of members and establishing the Made in Britain Directory as the official, Government approved procurement site for British made goods. We can’t achieve that without the support and input from Isaac Partnership.”

Made in Britain has hundreds of members with household names such as Vauxhall, Formica, Stoves, King of Shaves, Everest and Derwent Pencils.

The organisation works to unite, support and promote our much needed manufacturing base and to ensure a national footprint.

Made in Britain also works closely with the chambers of commerce around the UK and the new Department for International Trade.

The Isaac Partnership is planning a launch event in late September for any manufacturing for engineering companies to come along and find out more about the Made in Britain marque, and how it can help them focus on the competitive advantage being a British based manufacturer has.

Pictured: Will Skane-Davis, Chris Isaac director, Tom Storrer of the Isaac Partnership

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