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1zero – the desired result: Stewart Barnes of QuoLux

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Written by: Stewart Barnes | Posted 13 October 2017 9:56

1zero – the desired result: Stewart Barnes of QuoLux

The complexity of web design and web development brings a shudder to many but there is a local company having success on an international stage, writes Stewart Barnes, managing director of QuoLux, the leadership development and strategy specialists.

Eighteen months ago was a pivotal moment in Chris Howard’s life when he became both the managing director of 1Zero, the Cheltenham-based website and software development specialist, at the same time that he became a father.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a number of years, first in a local marketing agency and latterly when he formed his own business. He has formidable creative skills and was one of the team that came up with the distinctive QuoLux brand identity.

It was a game changer for Chris rolling his own business into what would become 1Zero. On becoming the MD, Chris joined the LEAD programme and he has not looked back since growing in confidence, stature and now developing the business on a global platform and I don’t mean the internet!

The Government is regularly calling for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) to rise to the challenge of Brexit, seize the opportunity of a weaker pound and commence exporting.

Normally that message is aimed at manufacturers and not service companies. The Department for International Trade (DIT) GREAT campaign offers great support to would-be exporters.

Impressively, Chris and his team have worked hard to land two sizeable orders in Switzerland and US. Alongside ‘Home’ - an internal communications agency from Bristol - they have begun working in America with Dell creating a learning management system for 3,000 of their leaders embarking on an in-house training programme.

“The tension of being courageous and not reckless was posed on LEAD by Dr Gwyn Jones, dean of business, enterprise and employability at the University of Gloucestershire.

“All the delegates in my cohort on LEAD were facing the same issue, ‘How do we grow without huge risk?’

“This concern is amplified many times when you consider exporting as that by its very nature, is market extension where you are selling your services to people who have no experience or knowledge of you.

“We are delighted to be working with Dell. The confidence that they have shown in us and the experience of working in other countries will enable us to expand our international interests.”

It’s amazing to see one of the world’s foremost technical giants working with a small company in Cheltenham, but it goes to show that in this ever increasing digital age, British companies can stand proudly amongst global titans as we have highly sought after technical skills.

I’d also add leadership skills, as Chris displayed both that and courage when he played his part in creating the new firm.

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