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Big interview: Keep it simple to get message across - Andy Barr of 10 Yetis Digital

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Written by: | Posted 18 April 2017 11:27

Big interview: Keep it simple to get message across - Andy Barr of 10 Yetis Digital

In journalism circles PR is considered the dark side, but they are indespensible to each other. Sophie Flowers quizzed marketing guru Andy Barr, head of 10 Yetis Digital, for an insight into the magical world of PR campaigns.

What is the golden rule of marketing?
Great question. I could waffle on about the need for Call to Actions and all that normal marketing stuff but I like the age old adage that we try and run our business by – “Don’t be a Dick”.
The same applies to marketing campaigns. The best ones are simple, to the point and get the job done.
I am very much a keep it simple kind of guy when it comes to marketing.

What is the next big trend in PR?
Video. Video is hot everywhere across social media, content marketing and public relations.
These areas all merge into one nowadays and video is at the forefront.
As the worlds of public relations and search engine optimisation continue to merge, PR land needs to be more savvy when it comes to understanding how its work can influence where a business ranks in search engines like Google.

I cut my finger on a glass jar of cress one PR company sent me to promote a festival last year. I wasn’t impressed. Do quirky marketing campaigns work?
For you, clearly not – for others, yeah.
We live in a world where everyone is shouting for attention, so being quirky helps you stand out.
Being quirky makes you memorable and that is something that brands need to factor in.
One thing I have learned though, don’t send glass jars of cress to journalists…
PS cress, how boring.

We keep being told video is essential to engaging audiences. How important is video?
As mentioned before, video is the hottest thing in the marketing world right now.
Video allows consumers to get a feel for behind the scenes of a brand.
It enables companies to explain complicated products or offerings in a simple way and, of course, is the number one way of getting better engagement with audiences on social media if done correctly.
A well-shot and edited video is essential, a poorly-produced video is nasty.

If a small business only does one thing to help boost its PR, what should it be?
The fastest and most effective way to build a brand over a quick period of time is to piggyback on the news agenda.
Find ways for your company spokesperson to be able to react as much as possible when it comes to breaking news.
This works nationally, globally and regionally.
Make your quotes interesting and quirky and get to know the right journalists to speak to.

How do Gloucester businesses perform in their PR brand management compared to those in London?
Gloucester is on the up! Look at all the innovation that is going on in the city and places like the new incubator unit called the No1 Business Centre by the rugby club.
London has far more invested in things like Tech City so a straight comparison is not possible.
I tell you what though, take a few of the Gloucestershire start-ups and pit them against a London start-up and our Gloucestershire crew would do just fine.
Geography means very little nowadays, it is the people that matter and Gloucestershire is a PR and marketing hotspot.

If Gloucestershire was a brand, what would its keywords be?
History, cheese, rugby and regeneration – being able to do the marketing for Gloucester is a long-term dream for most people in our office.

This interview was featured in the first edition (April) of the quarterley Gloucestershire Business Magazine.

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