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Leading Gloucestershire law firm helps Samaritans to answer 200 calls

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 12 October 2017 11:38

Leading Gloucestershire law firm helps Samaritans to answer 200 calls

A little fundraising by the guests of Sherbornes Solicitors at Gloucester Rugby raised three times the amount Cheltenham Samaritans usually receives.

The county legal experts, the preferred employment lawyer for the Kingsholm club, invited guests, owners and managers of firms like Ferroli, Global ATS, Harbour Key, Versarien, Tewskesbury Printing, Clarkson Evans, Printwaste and Gilders Transport to the Kingsholm club.

During the event three signed shirts of Gloucester Rugby where auctioned. This together with donations from the attendees raised nearly £900 for the Samaritans charity to help with answering phone calls from individuals in distress.

“The generous support of Sherbornes will help us answer over 200 calls this year,” said Vicky Ward, of Samaritans in Cheltenham.

“We would not be able to continue to help those in need if not the support of the local business and public.

“Help from businesses like Sherbornes Solicitors is vital for existence of our branch.”

Magdalena Lorynska, external relations representative of Samaritans, said: “We are very grateful to Sherbornes for the donations. The amount raised is three times as big as when we organised events for public alone which shows that charities (not only us) would struggle to function if they don't receive support from local business.”

Cheltenham Samaritans branch opened more than 60 years ago and relies on volunteers and support of the public to stay operational.

It is described as providing a “lifeline” for those who need support in times of crisis. Those in distress can ring the free call number 116 123 at any time, day or night. 

And although the number is free for the public to call it is not free for the branch to operate. It costs £3.83 to answer a call from someone in distress.

“Every year, Cheltenham’s branch has to make sure that we have enough money to find and train the volunteers and to cover the costs of the premises. Each year it becomes more difficult as we are competing with many other charities for the volunteers recruitment and for the financial support of Cheltonians,” said Ms Ward, branch director.




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