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Show business: Hollywood visits Gloucestershire to film Huntsman movie at Puzzlewood

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Written by: Marsha OMahony | Posted 21 July 2015 10:22

Show business: Hollywood visits Gloucestershire to film Huntsman movie at Puzzlewood

Hollywood is back in the Forest of Dean.

The cameras are set up, the catering van is in and the lines of caravans and miles of cabling are all beginning to take shape for what is rumoured to be scenes for The Huntsman, the prequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman.

So it is lights, camera, action once more at the go-to local venue for fantasy films – Puzzlewood.

It is peak time for the venue but it is closed to the public until July 27.

“For filming,” said a spokesman but, teasingly, no further officials clues are given.

Rumour, along with some top-notch celebrity spotting and the odd clue on Twitter, points decidedly towards what’s set to be a blockbuster.

The Huntsman stars A-listers Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt.

A businessman, whose parents live opposite the site but who asked not to be named, has seen British stars Sheridan Smith and Rob Brydon, both of whom are cast as dwarves in the movie.

Huntsman movie films in Forest of Dean

So where are they all staying?

Colin Fell of the nearby Tudor House Restaurant and Hotel has had a member of the crew staying with him.

“We’ve heard about the film. But it’s all great news for the area, bringing in much-needed money for the economy,” he said.

Peter Hands of the Speech House Hotel, which has many a household name stay, said none of the film stars are staying with him either.

“The last time we had crews in the area was last summer for the latest Star Wars film. There was about 300 crew and there isn’t anywhere in the Forest of Dean that can accommodate those numbers. So they head down the motorway to the Celtic Manor,” he said.

And sure enough, Rob Brydon is sending Twitter photos of the famous golf course at the Newport hotel to his many followers.

Councillor Roger James (L, Coleford East) said news of the filming is timely.

“Clearly we do rely on tourism here and this is good for the town and the area,” he said.

“Word is going to get out there and I wouldn’t wish to invade their privacy and have masses of onlookers. That could be a problem. But I’m sure they will utilise some of our local hostelries. If it’s good for the town and puts Coleford on the map then I welcome it with open arms.”

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