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Mother’s Day inspiration at Stroud Farmers’ Market

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Written by: The Business | Posted 17 March 2017 9:54

Mother’s Day inspiration at Stroud Farmers’ Market

If you’re still looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, then the latest stall to join Stroud Farmers’ Market could provide the answer – a range of beautifully packaged natural soaps, hand made in small batches using traditional techniques.

Newly launched business College Green Soaps will be at Stroud Farmers’ Market for the first time on Saturday, March 25th , the day before Mother’s Day, and then on every fourth Saturday of each month.

“Any of the soaps would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift,” said business owner Rachael Lythgoe, 47, who lives in Randwick, near Stroud.

“There’s a beautifully scented Rose Geranium soap, a zesty Lime & Grapefruit, a Lavender & Patchouli with goats milk which is great for mature skin and an unscented Mild & Gentle Buttermilk soap.”

And for a unique gift with a very local connection, there’s a soap made with Stroud Brewery beer.

“Beer is a great ingredient in soap making,” explained Rachael. “It contains B Vitamins and creates a lovely creamy lather. I add skin-soothing oats which makes it great for hand washing – it’s gentle on your skin and exfoliating all at once.”

College Green soaps are packed full of skin-loving natural ingredients. Traditionally made with a combination of six oils and butters including olive oil, shea butter and locally sourced beeswax, pure essential oils and natural additions such as goats milk, oats, green clay and beer, the soaps mature for a minimum of four weeks to ensure they are mild, gentle and long lasting.

The business launched in January, and already the soaps are on sale in the Made in Stroud Shop, Pound Farm shop and the Whiteshill Community shop, with more stockists in the pipeline.

You can find out more about College Green soaps on their website (, Facebook page (College Green – naturally clean) or Twitter account (@CollegeGreen11).


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