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Noisy Little Monkey creates positive chatter about WDYT campaign

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Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 20 June 2017 12:39

Noisy Little Monkey creates positive chatter about WDYT campaign

The skills of the guest speaker no doubt contributed to the high turnout at a free digital marketing workshop promoting the success of the #WDYT campaign.

Cheltenham racecourse hosted the gathering held in association with the publishers of this newspaper and its websites to spread the word of the campaign designed to drive trade in the high street.

#WDYT (what do you think) is spreading nationwide and uses the simple premise of the hashtag and the name of the respective town or city to group together social media postings celebrating what is on offer in shops and businesses in that location.

The aim is to create an ever changing shop window that takes advantage of our growing desire to browse for goods on-line, but shop for them in person.

Headline speaker Jon Payne, a search and social media guru, founder and technical director at Noisy Little Monkey (, brought his 20 years of experience to the fore and proved a suitable draw.

Polly Barnfield OBE, chief executive officer and founder of Maybe* and the #WDYT Campaign, said: “It was really encouraging to see such a strong turnout and people's willingness to engage and learn. We are all on a steep learning curve with a new way of doing business through digital channels. What is key is that businesses have easy access to the right information.

“Our town lead collaboration is definitely striking a chord as people are really beginning to realise the value of each business in a place being a footfall driver for the place as a whole. The #WDYT campaign is all about increasing every businesses' ability to increase their digital influence.”

The early signs of success for the Government-backed campaign are good.

“The project was piloted in Gloucestershire last year. Really, it is all about skills training. If you are working on your own you can be working in something of an echo chamber, but if you can get all of retail to use the same platform you can make a difference.

“Seventy four per cent of high street retailers still have no active social media presence. Deloitte says that by 2020 80 per cent of retail will still happen off-line. However, 46 per cent of these transactions will begin on-line,” she said, suggesting the simple act of converting a large proportion of them to embrace the campaign – so they simply promote their goods through a daily picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WDYT – would pay dividends for everyone.


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